Founded in 1985, our company has been operating in different sectors and since 2000, it has been serving its customers with the WICON brand in welding manufacturing sector. We will be serving our valuable customers as WICON Robotic and Welding Automation Systems Inco.Co. from the begining of year 2017 . Our company, which was established with the domestic capital and has been working as a locomotive for machinery, apparatus and fixtures in the resource automation sector of our country up to now and increasing the product range according to the sector needs from day to day, is serving as the solution partner of outstanding companies operating in this sector. It is ready to provide the best service to you by reinforcing its experience and knowledge accumulated in the sector for years with its dynamic team. Our goal after that is; Product and service quality, delivery in time, after-sales service and reasonable price options will be offered. Our company provide flexible solutions in robots with carrying capacities of 3-500 kg to your automation projects in arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas welding, plasma welding and plasma cutting applications.


WICON Product Range;

  • Robotic welding systems, robot front positioners and sliders,

Ø  Positioners with 50-20.000 kg capacity,

Ø  Conventional and Self-Adjusting Rotators capable of 5-160 ton capacity turning,

Ø  Column & Boom Systems which can be designed according to customer's request and different dimensions,

Ø  Longitudinal Welding Machines for products with a length of 1-9m,

Ø  Circular Welding Systems for products with a length of 1-6m,

Ø  Welding Systems Suitable for submerged and gas Welding,

Ø  Chassis Positioners, Upright Positioners, L Positioners,

Ø  Boom Welding Systems, Beam Welding Systems, Boiler Welding Systems,

Ø  Pendulum and Linear Oscillation Systems.