Stok Kodu:WROT

Rotators are used in all industries throughout the world to producing easier and fitting the tanks,drums and pressurized and cylindrical 
vessels with the all types and sizes. Rotators improve the efficiency of either automatic or manuaş welding by inreasing productivity, 
minimizing extra handling and need for crane service. They allow operators to complete controşl of forward or reverse rotation and 
infinitely smooth variable speed. Standard line of rotators offer capacity from 5 to 150 tons but according to demands it can produce 
about 250 tones.

Standart Features
• “PU” wheels absorbing shocks and vibrations
• Automatic diameter adjustments
• Adjustable rotating speed
• Remote controller with 5 meter cable
• Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for 
monitoring rotation
• Alternating Current Motors (AC motor)
• Support group which prevents axial movement of the parts

Optional Features
• Custom wheel designs for areas that require 
high temperature
• Motorized Adjusting Wheel axis diameter
• Manuel Adjusting Wheel axis diameter
• Motorized Carriage System for Transport
• Earthing Brush System
• Synchronous operation with column & boom systems