Stok Kodu:WSAROT

Aligning rotators are ideal solutions for rotating rough work pieces which are used in loading and rotating. They provide non - practising 
facilities about adjustments of weight distribution and rotation plus adaptability to a wide range of diameters. Wicon’s Standard line of 
rotators offer capacity from 10 to 150 tons but according to demands it can produce about 250 tones.

Standart Features
• “PU” wheels absorbing shocks and vibrations
• Automatic diameter adjustments
• Adjustable rotating speed
• Remote controller with 5 meter cable
• Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for 
monitoring rotation
• Alternating Current Motors (AC motor)
• Support group which prevents axial movement of the parts

Optional Features
• Custom wheel designs for areas that require 
high temperature
• Motorized Adjusting Wheel axis diameter
• Manual Adjusting Wheel axis diameter
• Motorized Carriage System for Transport
• Earthing Brush System
• Synchronous operation with column & boom Systems