Stok Kodu:WBKM

Range of Seam Weldinghas been designed for welding longitudinal seams of cylindrica/ and rectangular workpieces and, in addition,jlat sheet or plate. Therobust construction of the machine and speciaf to this design of the dampingfinger operation ensures the correct

alignmentfort he welding. Thevariable speed travelling carriage which traverses an accurately machined beam ensures the torchfol/ows precise/y the welding seam. Afi of these welding systems which are TIG(Argon Arc},MIG/MAG (Metal lnert Gas using Argon,C02 or Gas

mixtures) and SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) process can use our systems.


Standart Features

• Centering System (Sword Mechanism)

• Docking on bottom console

• Manuel lock gfor front console

• Device for CAT source

• x-z Pivot Slider

• Torch Handling Devices

• CuCrZr Copper Base Plate

• Trigger system (Seperate trigger for wire feed)

• 7” Touch Screen

Optional Features

• Cooling System

• Lower Gas System (chromium alloy materials)

• Upper Gas System (chromium alloy materials

• Lift System (Max. 2500 mm)

• Base Plate for Aluminum and shoe material change

• Material Loading Table

• Welding Feature by Centering

• Welding shield

• Pnomatic Lock for front Console (Up to WBKM 2000)

• Arc Welding

• Tig Welding