Stok Kodu:WDKM

Circumferential Lathe welders are used to produce high quality welds with minimum distortion on circumferential (girth) weld joints on a wide variety of parts and part shapes. The weld joints can have various joint configurations, including butt, filet, overlap, and joggle. These machines weld from external (top) side of weld joint. Single and multi - pass weldings are possible only by performing TIG, MIG / MAG and SAW welding. The joint is firmly clamped into position and the weld head is precisely moved along the length of the weld joint. The weld lathe can be optionally fitted with two or more weld heads so multiple welds can be performed simultaneously or sequentialy. this can produce circumferential welder lathes with a weld length capacity from 1000 to 6000 mm (24’’ to 236’’) with diameters up to 1000 mm ( 40’’).

Standart Features
• 7” Touch Screen
• Center Kontrol Sytem for Standing Control Pedal
• Programmable Logic Control(PLC) System
• Automatic speed cycle Control
• Building formula on PLC Screen Plc
• Trigger System

Optional Features
• Lower Support System (Shears Sytem)
• Motorized Tourch Pace