Stok Kodu:WSKM

Special beam welding machines are designed for different types and sizes of trailer beams. This machine mainly consists of main base frame, gantryframe, rail system mounted on themain baseframe,welding arm and too/ carriage, welding gun mechanically tracing device or /aser /optica/ seam tracking system as aptional, welding flux handling system,electric controlling system and power sourcefor submerged arc welding,hydraulic systems for pres beam. Trailer beam welding system is going toincrease your productivity in aflexible andfast way.

Standart Features
• 7” Touch Screen
• Center Kontrol Sytem for Standing Control Pedal
• Programmable Logic Control(PLC) System
• Automatic speed cycle Control
• Building formula on PLC Screen Plc
• Trigger System

Optional Features
• Bottom support system (scissor system)
• Motorized Torch System